Pop-Up Camper Tent Trailers

Lightweight pop up tent trailers are some of the most popular of all pull-behind camping vehicles. They are less expensive than full-sized camper trailers and can be towed behind even lightweight vehicles. Whether you want to buy pop up tent trailers new or used, there are some tips you can benefit from before you shop. Pop up tent trailers offer more spaciousness and comfort than a traditional tent.

They offer a comfortable alternative to traditional tent camping and allow travelers to take along a lot more gear than a vehicle alone can accommodate. Even small pop up tent trailers make it possible to plan family camping trips that can last several days. Your new pop up tent trailer allows you to camp with greater ease and comfort and will serve your family well for many years. Your new pop up tent trailer opens up many exciting possibilities. As you become familiar with the basic function of your trailer you can begin to explore the many ways that this camping accessory can be used.

Camping with your trailer

Pop up tent trailers can be taken camping to just about any campground that offers reasonable access roads and a flat surface for parking. Since many lightweight pop up tent trailers lack the extensive wheel matrices that vehicles have, they cannot handle the unimproved roads that characterize so much of back country camping. Though your trailer can stand up to all kinds of conditions, most owners feel it is best to stick to managed roads and campgrounds. One good resource for camper-friendly camping is the Trailer Life Directory at http://www.trailerlifedirectory.com/. This website allows you to search for a particular campground by name or location. You can also use the directory to view upcoming RV and camper events; these are perfect opportunities to rendezvous with experienced camper owners and get first hand recommendations for future destinations.

Another excellent resource that all owners of small pop up tent trailers ought to know about is the National Park Service's directory. This website is well-managed and includes updated alerts that keep prospective visitors informed of road construction, area closures, severe weather warnings, and other valuable information. You can begin to explore American national parks by visiting http://www.nps.gov/index.htm. Within the directory listings for individual parks you can find a section dedicated to RV camping. Even though pop up tent trailers are considerably different than RVs, the owners of each share certain considerations; reading through the sections on RV camping will give you a good idea of the road quality and whether or not the available camp sites are appropriate for used pop up tent trailers.

Reasonably level ground is an important consideration for people camping with pop up tent trailers. In the initial stages of preparing your camper for use, small legs have to be extended from the bottom of the trailer to support the camper and stabilize it. Though some degree of adjustment is possible on many campers for your comfort and safety it is recommended that you seek out the most level ground possible before setting up your camper. This is true for pop up tent campers pulled behind vehicles and the smaller ones suitable for use with motorcycles.

Meeting other camper owners

All across the country there is a group of people who relish the open road, who have chosen to make travel and exploration an important part of their life. RV and camper enthusiasts are often on their own, choosing to explore the campgrounds of the United States alone or with a couple close family members. However, a few times a year these independent spirits come together for an RV rendezvous. These get-togethers take place at campgrounds and RV-friendly sites across the country and offer the perfect opportunity for socializing, catching up with old friends, and meeting people new to the camper lifestyle. These meet-ups take place in across the country throughout the year and people bringing pop up tent trailers are welcome to attend. This is a great way to learn about lesser-known camping destinations and to swap stories with other experienced campers.

Many of these get-togethers correspond with other major cultural events taking place in the same location. Campgrounds in states like Texas and California often organize RV meet-ups that take place during the same weekend as major music festivals; this gives campers an opportunity to attend some of the biggest and best festivals in the country all from the comfort and convenience of their RV or camper trailer.

Decorating for comfort and style

Camping with a tent trailer offers something that traditional tent camping just cannot the opportunity for decorating! Of course, you do not want to clutter your useful space with items that have no functional purpose. However, many of the items used to decorate camper trailers are highly functional and have the potential to improve the look of your camper and make it more comfortable.

Bedding is perhaps the easiest way to start decorating for comfort and style.

Since even small pop up tent trailers offer increased insulation against the cold, you do not need to rely solely on cold weather-rated sleeping bags for warmth. You can select blankets, pillows, and bedding that suits a more personal style. You can easily find themed bedding sets, so if you have a particular decorating scheme that you would like to express, a special bedding set is a good place to start.

Unlike RV-style campers, used pop up trailers do not offer a lot of space inside for storage when the trailer is packed down for transport. This means that you will have to restrict yourself to decorating the items that are already present inside the trailer. One easy project is creating custom slipcovers for the bench cushions. Durable nylon-backed fabric is inexpensive to purchase, resistant to staining, easy to wipe clean, and can be laundered in any standard washing machine.

Curtains and mini-blinds are other easy additions that increase the comfort of your trailer; they pack down flat when the camper is folded back up for transport. Curtains can be sewn to fit windows of any shape and size. Mini-blinds may need to be trimmed to fit the small windows of a camper. There are many DIY window blind tutorials on the Internet and most packaged blinds come with instructions detailing how to size your blinds for a custom fit.

Another easy decorating idea is to customize the outside of the trailer. Any auto body shop that does custom vehicle painting can apply decorative elements to the outside of a camper trailer. These embellishments range from swirls and stripes to elaborate airbrushed gradients and images. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom bodywork!

Lightweight pop up tent trailers let you enjoy all the pleasures of trailer camping without spending a lot of money. All you need to do is hitch it to the back of your vehicle and you are ready for the open road. As you explore the many things you can do with your tent trailer, you will find even more ways to enjoy this wonderful style of camping.

Tips on Selecting Pop Up Tent Trailers

When you are looking for new or used pop up tent trailers, shop around online and begin to get a feel for what pop up tent trailers really cost. As you do so, you can begin to spot the types of pop up tent trailers you can afford. You will have to determine your personal budget, and you will need to assess the upper limit of what you can spend. Once you know your bottom line for spending, you can make your search for pop up tent trailers narrow and more specified.

Since you have already begun to search for pop up tent trailers online, make sure you see what every pop up tent has to offer. Make a lengthy list of some of the amenities you covet. These are the features you will want to identify in the pop up tent trailer you eventually buy. Create a list that defines features you absolutely need and features you would like but that are not absolutely necessary. You will have to remember that with every addition feature a pop up tent trailer has, the more that trailer is going to cost you. Get all of the features you need and some of those you want to keep the costs of the pop up tent trailer under control.

Consider as you shop, if you desire a pop up tent trailer that has interior hard walls or those made of soft canvas. Of course, those crafted of durable canvas material will ultimately cost you less money, but hard wood interiors gives you more structure and protection from the elements. In addition, as you shop around for pop up tent trailers, you will have to understand the towing capacity of your truck or car. You don & rsquo;t want to invest your money into a pop up tent trailer that you cannot tow with a vehicle you already own.

If you choose a large pop up tent camper verses one of the small pop up tent campers on offer, you will need to decide if you desire brakes on the camper. Bear in mind that if the camper does have brakes on it, you will have to pay more money over the long haul to maintain the brakes on the camper you invest in. Again, the more features you get, the more you will pay initially, as well as in the long term for caring for the tent trailer.

If you are opting for one of the numerous used pop up tent trailers for sale, you will want to give the tent trailer a thorough inspection inside as well as out. You will need to watch out for canvas tears and the presence of mildew. This is an indication of potential leaks. Make sure all folding and zipping components work, and that all amenities are in impeccable condition before you buy as well.

Used Pop Up Tent Trailers Online

eBay ®

eBay ® is a great place to find used pop up tent trailers and small pop up tent trailers that people are selling at auction. You can also sometimes find new pop up tent trailers for sale on the site as well with buy it now options. All new and used pop up tent trailers are listed with the location of the seller, the number of current bids, the amount of the present highest bid, feedback about the seller of the item, images of the pop up tent trailer, and the type of payment methods the seller is willing to work with too. You sometimes are supplied information about the vehicle identification number of the pop up tent trailers up for auction, and you are supplied details about the tent & rsquo;s features and sleeping capacity as well. For full information visit eBay ® and enter & ldquo;pop up tent trailers & rdquo; into the search engine at http://www.ebay.com.

Camping World ®

Camping World is a great site to use when you are searching for used pop up tent trailers or small pop up tent trailers. This site also lists new pop up tent trailers on offer as well. You can indicate whether or not you would prefer to buy new or used, and you can seek out pop up tent trailers based on the year of the tent trailer, the make, the model, the stock number, the price, or the zip code where the pop up trailer is located. You can also define the distance between you and the pop up tent trailer seller as well. For more information visit Camping World ® at http://www.campingworld.com/rvsales/Pop-Up/8/.

Lees-ure Lite

Lees-ure Lite is a company located in Osoyoos, B.C. the company sells an array of pop up tent trailers, truck campers, motorcycle accessories, and more. Their Excel pop up tent trailer has a base axle weight equaling 255 pounds. It measures 54 & rdquo; x 66 & rdquo;, and it has a bed size equaling 54 & rdquo; x 81 & rdquo;. It has a 1 7/8 inch hitch, and 30 cubic feet of interior storage. When the trailer is opened it measures 11 feet. They also sell an Original Cycle pop up tent trailer model. Its base axle is 230 pounds and it measures 48 & rdquo; x 66 & rdquo;. It has a bed size equaling 48 & rdquo; x 81 & rdquo;. It uses a 1 7/8 inch hitch, it has a five wire system, and when it is open it is also 11 feet in length. Either of these pop up tent trailers comes in five colors. For more details visit http://www.leesurelite.com/tenttrailers.asp.

New Pop Up Tent Trailers Online

Jayco ®

Jayco ® also sells new pop up tent trailers. The pop up tent trailers that the company offers include one of four different models. You can opt for the Jay Series Sport, the Jay Series, the Jay Series Select, or the Baja. Prices range from $5807.00 to $15393.00. The Jay Series Sport is the least expensive of all the models that the company offers. It is one of many small pop up tent trailers that can sleep as many as five people. You can get it in two different lengths including the 11 foot trailer and the 13 foot trailer. For more details visit Jayco ® at http://www.jayco.com.

Lifetime ®

Lifetime ® also sells new pop up tent trailers. Their tent trailer is priced around $5899.00. This trailer will convert into a full pop up tent in less than five minutes. It is fitted with electric brakes, and it is comprised of a black utility trailer and a sage green tent material. It is made of powered coated steel and heavy duty marine canvas. The tent offers a space capacity of 96 square feet and it can sleep as many as six individuals. This pop up tent trailer has seven large windows, and it comes with indoor and outdoor carpeting. This tent also has an interior folding table, and more. For full details visit Lifetime ® at http://www.buylifetime.com/Products/BLT/PID-65031.aspx.

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